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Together for perfection.

Finding ways to work faster. Smarter. More efficiently. Cheaper. Isn’t that what it’s all about in today’s business? But your people are already the best they can be. So, in order to be prepared for the future, you need to think out of the ordinary. Open the door to technology. Discover robotics. And make them work for you.

Hello here are Robin and Roy

Robin and Roy could be your new co-workers. They automatically feed your towel folder whatever brand and whatever type.

Imagine you had the choice. Would you choose consistent and reliable output, quality and productivity, without any downtime? Or would you rather settle for less?



Length: 6665 mm

Width: 3013 mm

Height: 3224 mm

Towel sizes

Max. length: 2200 mm

Max. width: 1100 mm


- Various sizes of towels. 

- Optional AI logo recognition available

- Automatically ejects guest towels.



Length: 4222 mm

Width: 2774 mm

Height: 2831 mm

Towel sizes

Max. length: 1100 mm

Max. width: 700 mm


Standard towel assortment 

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